We respect your time. You respect the process. RedLine Athletics is a sport-specific Training Center that lasts all year long. RedLine makes training convenient, no appointments are required and training sessions start every hour. Show up any time of the day and stay for as long as you want. Unlimited, monthly personalized training is available for every athlete, regardless of his/her skill level.

From the youth athlete trying to make the team to the high school athlete working to earn a scholarship, our flexible training schedule is easily adaptable to every person’s busy life. We are especially adept at training the youth athlete, ages 8-18 and welcome the opportunity to customize a training program around his or her school hours and other commitments.


Starts every hour so you can train at your convenience.


Private 1-on-1 training lessons are a great way to improve on the field. Many RedLine athletes show substantial improvement when they receive private lessons from our skilled instructors.

1-on-1 training allows athletes to concentrate on specific skills required to make it to the next level. Typically, 1-on-1 sports training sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes or a full hour. These sessions must be scheduled in advance with your specific trainer.


RedLine Athletics is the right choice to help your club team get to the next level. We can custom design a training program to fit your schedule and achieve your goals. Many teams find that training with RedLine Athletics helps them develop superior athletes and allows coaches to focus their limited practices on strategy, execution and teamwork.


Is a fun and fulfilling experience for any young athlete as well as their parents. Our programs are tailored for children ages 3 and up, of any skill level, whether or not they have ever participated in an organized athletic setting previously. We apply an expertise earned over a decade of training thousands of young athletes. Our Intro to Sports camps are convenient, affordable, and available in all of our performance centers.


These classes are are personalized and made for people 18 to 80 who want to workout at their preferred level and pace. They offer more feedback than traditional classes. From trainers have high level college or professional athletics experience that are eager to share with you how to take advantage of the tools they have used throughout their careers. Setting a high bar on your goals means you will have to work hard to get there but there is nothing we like more than being with you every step of that journey.


Redline focuses on thinking ahead. Fusionetics’ Body MAP is a game-changing innovation in movement science. As a user performs a standard series of movements, the Fusionetics mobile video-capture logs millions of data points. The result is a precise, detailed Body MAP and movement efficiency (ME) score, generated within minutes.

Fusionetics integrates sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery. Built for every body, Fusionetics is a Performance Healthcare System designed to help you understand, monitor and improve performance at all levels. No matter the sport, we’ll help keep your athlete in the game.

Reduction in ACL tears
40-400% increase in performance - speed, agility, recovery


All of our coaches have competed at the collegiate or professional level and are certified.


What Our Athletes Say

  • Friendly and knowledgable coaches make parents and kids alike feel welcome and comfortable.

    Cynthia Wimberley
  • I am so appreciative of Redline. They are keeping my son active and his fitness has improved leaps and bounds since starting at Redline. The coaches are top notch and know their stuff. I also love how convenient the schedule is, we can go to classes whenever it works for our family. We will for sure sign up again, the investment is worth every penny.

    Sarah Treat
  • We are so thrilled with RedLine Athletics. Our son is learning how to condition and take care of his body. He is also getting training for his specific sport. We could not be more happy with the amazing facility and trainers. Highly recommend!

    Matt LeDoux
  • We love Redline! My son goes and works hard each time, coming out tired yet satisfied. I can already see some results in core strength and stamina. Definitely worth every penny!!!

    Katrina Marie Brooks
  • We are a couple months in and are seeing amazing results! My daughter’s skills and speed are improving more and more everyday! Thank you Redline!

    Allison B
  • Great, positive, upbeat trainers who really push the kids to want to do more. Just being there puts you in a good mood! Love this place!

    Jenny Hudson
  • So happy we found Redline. It’s the perfect compliment to my son’s baseball team’s practice. Already seeing growth after a short amount of time.

    Michelle C.
  • The trainers are top notch. My son’s strength and speed numbers increased a ton over the summer. It helped his confidence tremendously

    Steven DeBiase